22.10.08: The END of IBM

17.09.08: New IBM volume

21.06.08: IBM4 on Side Line

16.06.08: IBM4 downloads!

03.06.08: IBM4 release date

01.04.08: artwork preview!

18.02.08: IBM4 streaming

10.02.08: IBM4 tracklisting


Hi all.
We're very sad to announce you the END of Italian Body Music.

We want to really thank all the artists which participated to our initiative, all the people which cooperated with us and all those who actively supported us, may them be radios, mags, webzines or "simple" listeners.

Read more on the homepage.


Hi guys,
we hope you had a great summer!

Luca and Alberto are working on a special edition of IBM.
More news coming by the end of the year!


Italian Body Music vol.4 news on Side Line!
Thanks for your support!


IBM Vol.4 is finally available for FREE download!

Check the download page and enjoy it!


IBM vol.4 will be available for FREE download starting from monday 16 June!



Starting from today you'll be able to prelisten Italian Body Music Vol.4 through our flash players so check the download page and tell us if you like it!

The bands page has been updated too.

See also the support IBM page and check out how to support the IBM project!

Full downloads including artwork will be available soon.

IBM4 is dedicated to Davide / dj Harlock, visit the home page to read the press release!


Here's the final tracklisting for Italian Body Music Vol.4!

01. Anxiety Disorder - Neurological Chronic Condition
02. Blue Rats vs Stalin - ElectroSHITworld (Luca is a Pastaraver)
03. Carta d'Eritrea - Here and Now
04. DieM - Take a Deep Breathe
05. Halo Effect - Spoilt (Under Siege Remix)
06. Last Decay - Foul Deceit
07. Post Contemporary Corporation - Manzotin Mantra (TourdeForce Remix)
08. Razorblade - Kissable
09. Relation Dangereux - Japanese Club
10. Selene Riot - Useless Toy
11. Septima Legio - Marcia Binaria (Rosso Trevi Mix)
12. Sync.Rust - Dioxine
13. TrackZero - My Nation is Under Invasion
14. Underplain - I Feel Lost (Original Version)
15. Ural6 - Hypothalamus (Remix)
16. Wast3 - Dj Blade Should Play This [Rude Mix]

Bonus tracks:
01. Codec H.I.V. - Destiny
02. HybridTek - Fill
03. Noiz.Ed - Uncontrollable
04. ZX81 - Church

Release dates
streaming: mid-february
download: late february / early march

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